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Here you'll find examples of my work with Cinema4D


In October 2011 I somehow felt an urge to start developing my own Cinema4D plugins.
The plugins can be downloaded directly from the project site. As I own no Macintosh (yet?), they almost always will be released for Windows at first. All plugins are free and open source (under GNU Lesser GPL). Use them to your own liking. Critique, suggestions or contribution to the projects is more than welcome.

ManualKerning Logo ManualKerning

An effector plugin to influence kerning of MoText objects.

Features: Automatic kerning, rule based kerning (define your own kerning tables) and manual kerning (manually change kerning, X/Y-offset, size and rotation of every single character).

ColourTable Logo ColourTable

A command plugin providing named colors.

Features: User defined color tables (per scene and/or globally in Cinema4D), static color tables like e.g. CSS3, X11 and VGA. Colors can be searched by name.

MengerSponge Logo MengerSponge

A generator plugin providing a Menger sponge object.

Although this is where my Cinema4D plugin development started, MengerSponge is yet unreleased.
Nevertheless there are already some examples rendered with MengerSponge on the project site.

Features: Menger sponges up to order six on 32-Bit systems! Multiple generation modes, providing sponges with minimal memory footprint, a clean mesh, fitted for rigid or soft bodies. Support for automatic texturing. Sponges can be warped into spheres or cylinders.


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